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     Our goal at Featherstone Music is to ensure you get exceptional music education while still having fun at the same time!  We offer a variety of lessons in piano, voice, guitar & drums; all from highly educated, passionate and enthusiastic musicians. We personally select the best teacher for each students individual learning style.
Ages range from 5 to adult, you're never too old to learn!  Pre-grade method books used are Piano Adventures, Alfred's and Bastian with accompanying theory books full of fun games such as music mazes and coloring, creative discovery, as well as sight reading and ear training exercises. 
Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation is available for grades 1 through 8 practical and theory rudiments. We have had great results with our students RCM exams and encourage a comfortable progression at each students own pace. Classical music can really be fun and interesting with the right teacher!

Many popular song books are also available for study if the classical route is not for you. Pop songs can teach a student complex rhythmic patterns while enhancing the use of the ear and sight reading.
We teach in Central Toronto, Ontario, servicing areas such as Rosedale, Forest Hill, Yonge/Eglinton, Leaside, High Park and the Beaches
FeatherstoneMusic holds two yearly recitals - one in December and one in June. 
We instill creativity and inspiration in all our students  and always keep them wanting to learn more!....it helps that we give lots of stickers and prizes as practice incentives too!  Piano not only teaches children how to read music but helps them develop strong cognitive skills such as integrating both sides of the brain for more efficient learning, calming hyperactivity, raising IQ and improving creativity and clarity.  
We want to be the teacher that your child remembers for life as the person that introduced them to the joys of making music! We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our love for music with you! 


*As of January 2011, you can now claim up to $500 per child under the age of 15 taking music lessons! 
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Child Arts Tax Credit
*All of our teachers are registered with the RCM for student exam submissions. 
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The Benefits of Music Lessons for Children
by:  Liza Keller           
    According to the American Psychological Association the benefits of music lessons for children offer a wide range of rewards. These benefits include fine-tuning sensitivity to speech and emotion, as well as intellectual benefits. In fact, studies have proven that children's IQs go up when they are engaged in music lessons.

    Starting a Child in Music

    When children are introduced to music at an early age it will promote development. Kids don't have to be advanced in music to get these benefits. They can be beginners that have never so much as touched an instrument.  When parents start their children off in music lessons they are giving them the opportunity to develop multiple facets within the setting of a great learning environment.

    Scientific studies have shown evidence those children who receive music lessons in their toddler years find the following benefits:

    • Greater brain development
    • Increased intellect
    • Improved social skills
    • Greater confidence and self-esteem
    • Better grades
    • Increased perception on the world

    Brain Development

    Children who take music lessons receive brain stimulation that aids in development. The area of the brain that music lessons target is language and reasoning. Learning the notes helps children boost their vocabulary and helps them be more interactive.

    There have been numerous studies that reveal how music lessons benefit children's brains. Scientists from McMaster University, Canada took groups of children aged four to six. Half of the group took music lessons and proved to have different brain developments than those who didn't. The children with music lessons had better memories, higher literacy and increased math scores.


    Children who play and practice music have higher grades in school. Later in high school, they score higher on the SATs than children who have no music experience. Students who study and practice music from the home are already on the path to having a brighter future with increased opportunities. A good music teacher will offer music homework help along with the actual lessons to help the child increase his intellect.

    Social Skills

    According to Dr. Victoria Williamson, music promotes social skills in children. Music lessons teach toddlers how to work together in groups. Music lessons even help young children learn sharing skills. When children are exposed to music during their toddler years the lessons help them understand each other. All in all music lessons offer discipline to children of all ages.

    Dr. Victoria Williamson included a statement made by a UK Department of Education into her paper on the benefits of music education. The department press stated that giving all young people the best possible music education will help the government achieve its twin aims of driving up standards and reducing the attainment gap. Schools, governments and other institutions rely on music as a tool to improve the social adaptation and scholastic performance in children.

    Kid Friendly Teachers

    It's no secret: kids learn more from teachers they like. Searching for a music teacher for your self is entirely different than finding one for a child. A music teacher for kids must have the musical gift, but also the natural ability to connect with children and inspire them to new levels of greatness.

    A good music teacher will step in to help kids with piano homework and give a series of lessons. Not only will the child improve and develop real musical skills, their brains will develop and they will be armed with greater confidence and social skills.

    Make sure the teacher you hire has a background in working with kids. Giving your child music lessons may be the most important gift you will ever give them.
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