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Electronic Music Technology 

.Luis Figueroa has been playing music since the early age of 11. Starting off with the drums and the guitar, it was just a matter of time until he grew a passion for music. Keeping a consistent drive, Luis would end up doing musicals,church choirs and big band with his high school resulting in a quick transition into Humber college where he would major studies in jazz drums. With a dozen albums recorded and produced, Luis F would pursue a career. In teaching music. 6 years under his belt, it has never been a better time to indulge In the digital world of music. Present time,having several digital releases, Luis F brings his influence to the electronic side of production.  

Breakdown of  Electronic Music Presentation 

15 min: bongos and percussive instruments to play around with. Taking volunteers to play out some Rhthyms expressing the importance of the drum. 

15 min: I will exploring drum machines. Having 8 volunteers to make a line. Creating a pattern which will be duplicated on the drum machine to show how it works.
15 min: demonstrate the turntable and a moog synthesizer. Using these instruments I will explain the turning of the medium. 

15 min: focus on the ilive vocal processor. Get volunteers to participate in using the machine through your voice.

*An in depth demonstration of recording audio into a sound card and played back through GarageBand software using an iPad.

Schools Visited 

The York School
Trafalgar Castle School
Toronto French School

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