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Studio Policy 2016 - 2017 
 Billing Periods and Acceptable Payment Methods and Times

Payment is to be made in advance by the last lesson of each month for the next month.   Acceptable payment methods are:

1.  Interac Email Money Transfer in full for semester (3% discount). 
2. VISA or MasterCard (no discount) in full for the semester
3.  VISA or MasterCard (no discount) monthly pre-authorized payment plan

Billing periods are Sept.- Dec, Jan.- Mar, Apr - Jun., and
Jul - Aug. 
Music Books

New books will be required throughout the year, books may be purchased by the parent or the teacher as mutually arranged. If the teacher is picking up books for a students, the parent will be responsible for paying them back at the lesson.
 Lesson Times and Requirements for Punctuality

All lessons are to start at the pre-arranged time through Featherstone Music unless otherwise scheduled for change between student and teacher.
 Scheduling of Lessons

Scheduling of lessons will be arranged and co-ordinated through Rebecca Featherstone. Any emails regarding scheduling emailed to the teachers will be immediately forwarded to Rebecca for followup. 
Provisions for Makeup of Missed Lessons

Make-up lessons will be given at no additional charge, provided that 24 hours advance notice is given that a lesson will be missed. 

If less notice than that is given, provision of a makeup lesson will only be done at the discretion of the teacher and only with an acceptable reason from the client (e.g. medical emergency or illness). 

All make-ups are to be completed by the end of the semester in which the missed lessons occurred; i.e. there is no continuing obligation on the part of the teacher.

Make-up lessons will be given at the teachers convenience. 

The lesson is considered to have been given if the student misses the scheduled make-up lesson for any reason. 

Make-up lessons are limited to two in any given semester; they may not be "carried over" from one semester to another. 

There are no refunds for missed lessons, ever.   
 The teacher's expectations for practice and lesson preparation

We ask that the student practices 3 to 5 days a week for the duration of time expected by their teacher to ensure proper advancement and musical development.
 Final authority on repertoire and other pedagogical matters

At Featherstone Music we want each individual student to enjoy their time at the piano. There are certain method books we follow to ensure musical development however, once the student is at a level to choose we will of course respect their opinions as to what to study (RCM, Pop, etc.)
 Piano requirements the teacher expects the client to fulfill (acoustic vs. digital)

Of course acoustic pianos are always preferred, however, starting out with a small keyboard is perfectly fine.  Later on, a new instrument can be discussed whether it be a digital piano or acoustic.
Expectations for parent involvement

We always recommend parental involvement whether it be during the lesson or even taking a lesson yourself! Our teachers are always open to communication.
Any requirements for participation in studio recitals and events

Featherstone Music holds two yearly recitals, one in June and one in December. We encourage all students young and old to participate in these very relaxed and fun filled musical events! Special engraved medals are awarded to ALL participants at the Spring recital and holiday gift bags at the Winter recital.
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