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"Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that Amber is really really enjoying playing the piano and making great progress. She came home today and was all excited about doing an exam in April! I’ve been making a big effort to make sure both girls practice for a few minutes every day and Amber has really taken to it. I also know that her teacher is having a fantastic impact on Amber’s playing. She’s really encouraging and teaching her a lot. I think the combination of two lessons a week after school plus the practice plus her teacher is paying off dividends!"
Wendy Braithwaite (mom of Amber and Amelia, age 8 twins) - Forest Hill
"Let  me take the opportunity to congratulate you on the quality of your school. I am deeply impressed with our teachers' professionalism and her exceptionally high quality as a singing teacher. Not only is she obviously very knowledgeable from a technical standpoint, she also knows how to transmit this knowledge in ways that are both effective and engaging (not necessarily an easy feat with an 8-year old child!).Each lesson has a clear progression that refines previously acquired skills and continues building on them. Anna has progressed leaps and bounds since she started her classes and I've never seen her that engaged in learning something new; she sings all the time now, it's becoming a passion for her. Her teacher has wonderful pedagogical skills: she's creative, patient yet firm and demanding but also encouraging. You have yourself a wonderful teacher in her!"
Maia Miguelez (mom of Anna, signing student, age 8) - Rosedale South
"I just wanted to let you know how well the lesson went yesterday with both Charlie and Murphy -- their teacher is wonderful with the kids! I thought that Charlie might be a bit young, but she made the lesson very interactive, and his attention never wavered - amazing for a four-year old! Also, Concert Pitch Piano Services came by to tune the piano, and that was just great as well. Many thanks."
Erin Binnie (mom of Charlie and Murphy age 4 & 7) - The Beaches
"There are many piano teachers out there, but very few can engage the musical
imagination of young minds the way Ava's teacher does and can.  Her
sparkling enthusiasm wins kids over and helps to instill a life-long love of
music -  both discipline and appreciation.  Children respond, learn and grow
under her caring and fun  (sticker filled) tutelage.  Ava's teacher is a rare
find, and I recommend her highly to all -young and old- musicians alike!"
Anila Sunnak (mom of Ava Wright, piano student, age 8) - High Park
"I have two very different daughters and the teacher is able to engage both of them.  Sofia is just soaring--her teacher guides her along, adjusting lessons to move at the speed that Sofia is comfortable at while still making sure she acquires important basic skills as she moves quickly through the books.  Sofia really likes her teacher and feels really at ease with her.  Most importantly, Sofia looks forward to her weekly lesson. With Isabella, her teacher is very patient and helps Isabella to redirect her energy and excitement to the lesson at hand, and she helps to cultivate a love for the instrument in a fun comfortable environment.  This is perfect for Isabella and so she too looks forward to her weekly lessons!"
Cathy Rizzo  (mom of Sophia and Isabella age 5 & 7) - Lawrence West
"Just wanted to add that your business idea/model is, creative, unique and really captures a demand out there.   I would recommend your business to anyone looking to take lessons.  Cassie's teacher is a fabulous instructor, she is professional, patient, kind and really understands were the kids are coming from. Thanks again and good luck with your business!"
Wendy Kitson - High Park
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